Date Subject
16-05-2017 Notice inviting Quotation for Vehicle Hiring under ISGPP
07-03-2017 EOI for Operationalization of Krishnagar Hat
06-03-2017 Notice inviting Application for 3 Nos of Stalls 4,7,8 at MRITTIKA
06-03-2017 EOI on Operationalization of "MRITTIKA" with Fooding & Lodging facilities
03-03-2017 NIT for supply of Furniture items for different Krishak Bazars under Nadia Zilla Regulated Market Committee
02-02-2017 Notice inviting Application for 3 Nos of Stalls 4,7,8 at MRITTIKA
02-02-2017 EOI on Operationalization of "MRITTIKA" with Fooding & Lodging facilities
11-11-2016 EOI is hereby invited from the Chartered Engineers (Electrical), Consultants, Electrical Engineer for preparation of separate DPR from RIDF- XX.
11-11-2016 EOI for preparation of DPR on execution for Electrical works inside and outside of all the infrastructure facilities and playground for lighting arrangement of Plessey Sports School
23-08-2016 3rd Call for NIT in connection with the procurement of Computers and Printers
11-08-2016 2nd Call for NIT in connection with the procurement of Computers and Printers
15-10-2015 Short-listed Candidates for AutoCad Test for engagement of contractual SAE
09-09-2015 Walk-in-interview for engagement of SAE on 28-09-2015 at 11 AM at Nadia ZP
17-04-2015 Final Enlishment of DLTs of Nadia under Anandadhara, DRDC, Nadia
13-04-2015 3rd SFC Allotment for ist Instt 2013-14
10-03-2015 Admit Cards for DLT
16-01-2015 Auction of Nabadwip Ferry Ghat
13-01-2015 Notification for engagement of AYUSH at Baidyapur-II G.P.
23-12-2014 Applications are invited for EMPANELMENT OF DISTRICT LEVEL TRAINER for NRLM
09-12-2014 Allotment of 1901.166 lakhs under SBM fund (3247NBA/NZP Dt:09-12-2014)
17-09-2014 Notification for recruitment of Part Time Ayush Doctors
16-09-2014 13th FC Allotment
15-09-2014 Tender Notice for Security Guard for Fulia DTC
09-09-2014 IAY All Allotments for 2014-15
05-09-2014 NIT for Supply of Stationary Articles
06-08-2014 3rd SFC Allotment- Remaining 50% of 2012-13
24-07-2014 Walk-in interview for engagement of Asst. District Coordinator on 18-08-2014 at 11 AM at Nadia ZP
22-07-2014 EOI of Tourism Section, Nadia
15-07-2014 Walk-in Interview for engagement of AutoCad (Civil) Professional (Contractual) on 31-07-14 at 11 AM at Nadia ZP
18-06-2014 NBA Sub Allotment Memo No: 1476/NBA.NZP Dt: 18-06-2014
01-04-2014 13th FC Allotmemt
24-02-2014 3rd SFC Allotment
24-02-2014 Recruitment Notice of Nadia ZP
24-02-2014 Auction for Canteen of NZP Bunglo
19-02-2014 NIT for Supply of articles for NZP Press
03-02-2014 CORRIGENDUM for EOI for Development of ONLINE Software for conducting Exam
20-01-2014 EOI for Development of ONLINE Software for conducting Examination
15-01-2014 CORRIGENDUM for N.I.Q. Memo No. 41/NM, 42/NM & 43/NM Dated 09.01.2014
09-01-2014 NIQ for Civil Work of Nadia Mohotsob (Memo NO: 41/NM Dt: 09-01-2014)
09-01-2014 NIQ for Electrical Work of Nadia Mohotsob (Memo NO: 42/NM Dt: 09-01-2014)
09-01-2014 NIQ for Sound System Work of Nadia Mohotsob (Memo NO: 43/NM Dt: 09-01-2014)
23-12-2013 TSC Sub Allotment
09-12-2013 IAY 1st Instt. (5th Phase)
26-11-2013 IAY 1st Installment 13 Blocks 13-14 and Administrative Exp
20-11-2013 NBA Sub Allotment (Order No: 3001/NBA/NZP,  Dt: 20-11-2013)
14-11-2013 Important Guideline on Sobar Souchagar of District Magistrate
13-11-2013 Important instruction on 13th FC and 3rd SFC of District Magistrate
13-11-2013 Resolution of the Meeting on Sobar Souchagar on 08-11-2013
03-10-2013 Recruitment (Contractual) notice under MGNREGA
27-09-2013 Press Note on SOBAR SOUCHAGAR Model in District Nadia
20-09-2013 IAY Revised Allocation 2013-14
03-09-2013 NIT for Construction of proposed Art and Craft Museum at Ghurni
02-09-2013 IAY Allotment (State Share 2012-13)
02-09-2013 IAY Revised Allocation 2012-13
29-08-2013 NIT for Supply of Stationary Articles of Nadia ZP
05-08-2013 Tender Notice 561, 562 & 563 Dt. 05-08-2013 of State Hort. Res. & Dev. Station, Krishnagar
16-07-2013 Guideline for Nadia Sanitation Day on 25-July-2013
08-07-2013 TSC allotment
04-07-2013 13th FC 2nd Installment 2012-13
04-07-2013 3rd SFC 1st Installment 2013-13
10-05-2013 List of eligible E.A for promotion to Dy.Secy of PS, Job Assist. for promotion of E.A, Sahayaks for promotion to the post of Secy. and Secys for promotion of E.A
06-05-2013 Tender for Security Guard at DTC, Fulia (Notice and Tender Form)
23-04-2013 Meeting with AYUSH HMO on 30-04-13 at ZP Conference Hall at 12 Noon
10-04-2013 NIQ for Printing Equipments of NZP Press
05-04-2013 Tender for Horticultural Field Work and Watch-n-Ward Duty
03-04-2013 3rd SFC 2nd Instalment 2011-12
03-04-2013 IAY 2nd Instalment 2012-13
28-03-2013 3rd SFC Allotment ( Entertainment Tax)
21-03-2013 13th FC Grant (From Interest)
18-03-2013 13th FC 1st Instt. 2012-13
07-03-2013 NIQ (2nd Call) for Printing Equipments of Nadia ZP Press
07-03-2013 TSC Sub Allotment(School)
01-03-2013 NIQ for Printing Equipments
26-02-2013 Tender for Mango Orchard (NIT No. 1/2012-13
25-02-2013 Work Orders for NIT No 40, 42, 43
08-02-2013 Work Orders for NIT No. 32 (Sl 1-6, 8, 10) of 13th FC
24-01-2013 Work Orders for NIT No. 35 (Sl 1-3) & 36 of BADP Phase-III
21-12-2012 Work Orders for Tender No 59,58,62,63,61,64 of NIT 26
21-12-2012 Work Orders for Tender No. 55,56,57 of NIT-28 and Tender No 52 of NIT-29
28-09-2012 Work Order for the work of "Construction of Minority Bhawan"
05-09-2012 3rd SFC Allotment 2011-12 (1st Instalment)
30-08-2012 13th FC Allotment 2011-12 (2nd Instalment)
21-08-2012 IAY Allotment 2012-13 (Second Phase)
21-08-2012 13th FC Allocation 2011-12 (Second Instalment)
21-08-2012 3rd SFC 1st Instt. 2011-12 (Allocation)
08-08-2012 NIT for supply of Stationary articles
21-06-2012 IAY 1st Installment 2012-12
09-05-2012 IAY Allocation 2012-13
03-05-2012 IAY Allotment 2011-12 (7th Phase)
02-04-2012 IAY Allotment 2011-12 (6th Phase)
30-03-2012 Allotment of Untied Fund
29-03-2012 IAY Allotment 2011-12 (5th Phase)
26-03-2012 RWS Allotment (Two Allotment Orders)
23-03-2012 TSC Allotment for Toilet Block(ICDS) & Primary School
05-03-2012 Resolution of ASUP Sthayee Samity in connection with Budget 2012-13
20-02-2012 Status of Upgradation of PHCs in Nadia as on Feb-2012
07-02-2012 IAY 1st Installment 2011-12 (4th Phase)
05-01-2012 Sub-Allotment of 3rd SFC 2nd Installment 2010-11
08-12-2011 ISGPP Allotment to 54 GPs- 1st Installment 2011-12
29-11-2011 Order regarding NIT/NOQ of above Rs. 5 Lakh will be through E-Tender
28-11-2011 13th FC 1st Instalment 2011-12
16-11-2011 IAY 1st Installment 2011-12 (3rd Phase)
02-11-2011 Auction Notice for Chapra Market Complex
19-07-2011 IAY 1st Installment 2011-12 (2nd Phase)
18-07-2011 RWS Sub Allotment 2010-2011
11-07-2011 Tender Notice No.-  04 / N.Z.P. of  2011-12 (Civil Works)
28-06-2011 Tender Notice No.:    5/Elect./ N.Z.P. 2011-2012
16-06-2011 Tender Notice No.: 4/Elect/NZP of 2011-12
14-06-2011 Tender Notice No.-  03 / N.Z.P. of  2011-12
13-06-2011 Enlistment of Contractors
10-06-2011 Release of 2nd Installment under 13th FC for the year 2010-11
26-05-2011 Allotment of IAY (1st Installment 2011-12)
26-05-2011 Allocation of IAY 2011-12
01-02-2011 IAY Sub Allotment (2nd Installment)
29-11-2010 3rd SFC Allotment